The galleries! Possibly the most genius set of photos ever displayed, oh I love the big headedness.

The photos don't really do these vans any justice, you have to see them in person and stroke the fur to get the full comedy effect. These galleries chart the progress, successes and failures, of this intrepid group of idiots, sorry adventurers.

Auction Time
One auction but no sales!
Party in Douala
Party in Kribi
Made it to the finish line
Ferry to Cameroon
Entering Cameroon, not on the road!
Sights of Nigeria
Into Nigeria
Into the North of Nigeria
Made it past the war zone
Entering Niger
Into the worlds poorest country, still alive just!
Death of a Cheetah
Final section of Algeria losing a much loved van, sniff sniff
Mid Algeria
Fun in Algeria the desert starting to take its toll
Beginning of Algeria
The bright lights of Algeria
Into the Desert
Approaching the Algerian border, the desert starting to take hold
Relaxing and making snorkels
Italian Ferry
Ian loses a game of spoof
On the road in Italy
Black Tie Camping
Camping in black tie and tweed
Cruising the med
Lots of driving
Cruising before party
Princess Royal Barracks Summer Ball
Start Line
Leaving Hyde Park, first couple of breakdowns!
In The News
Featuring one furry van, three idiots and a Royal Signals Museum. We made it into the Vale Advertiser, the local Blandford Forum paper.
Two Weeks To Go, Oh Dear!
With only two weeks to go the now politically named van is still awaiting a vital ingredient, an engine! Finishing touches were done to Jen including speakers and a rather fetching lino. The carpet ...
Royal Signals Photo Shoot
Thanks to the Royal Signals who let us do a photo shoot outside their museum.
The Fox Quiz
A successful fund-raising event was had thanks to The Fox Inn, Ansty and lots of local Blandford Forum businesses who gave prizes to ensure this event succeeded.

Thanks to everyone who gave generously ...
After a long slow drive to Birmingham Jen makes it from her previous home in Evesham to meet her less politically named travelling companion.
Jens Furred!
After a hard previous day the final bits are covered and a Zebra appears out of the mist.
And Then There Was Fur
First day of furring Jen. A long day was had adding fur to Jen. Assembled the team attacked the task at hand with much enthusiasm.
First Outing
On the 10th May Ian and Craig attempt to take the van to Middle Wallop and failed!
More Fur
More photos of the second van furred up!
Jens Outing
Ian and Rich mucking about in Jen.
Initial Furring
Initial furring of the second van. The pictures don't do it justice it looks awesome.
Fluffy Toys
Whats any team without fluffy mascots.
The first van.
Stripping Jen
Photos from the 18th Feb 2008. Ian teaching Craig what an engine does! Good day removing lots of bits of Rascal Van and getting high off petrol fumes.

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Posted : 14/08/2008

Many days have passed since the Fur Balls left Africa and attentions are now very much on a certain forthcoming adventure. However this blog has left our poor readers high and dry in Niger wondering what became of our intrepid team. It is said that if you want something done give it to a busy man....