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There are many reasons for one to be thankful about existing in the 21st Century. The very fact that these ramblings can be published for the delight and delectation of international masses at the mere click of a button is testament enough to the achievements of our time.

However, often have my intrepid compadres and myself lain at night and dreamt of undertaking a very different type of ramble. To stride where no civilised man has strode before, to hail savages with a cheery 'what-ho chum!', to sip Bombay Sapphire with individuals that have never experienced the pleasure of well cut tweed, this was our desire.

The obstacle that had sat in our way was time. The shackles that had been holding us back were not made of steel, but rather cast from that intangible, yet immovable, problem of birth date. Gone are the days when a chap could wake up, slip into his breeches, jump aboard his steed and undertake a healthy dollop of exploring...or so we mistakenly thought.

Our desire can now become a reality. The Africa Rally 2008 will see Great Balls of Fur embark upon a hitherto unattempted (probably) venture. On the 18th of July 2008, 6 intrepid souls will wave a merry 'toodle-pip!' to London town and set off into a world of mystery and intrigue. Their journey will take them through Europe and into the Middle East and, all being well, will see them pop out in Africa. They will meander their way through this great continent until finally coming to rest in the West African nation of Cameroon 4 weeks later.

If this venture interests you, dear reader, then strike out on your own journey of discovery by delving into the lucky dip of intrigue that is the Great Balls of Fur web site...

Oh and it is in the name of charity, so if you feel compelled to contribute then you may rest assured that any donations would be most gratefully received.

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Posted : 14/08/2008

Many days have passed since the Fur Balls left Africa and attentions are now very much on a certain forthcoming adventure. However this blog has left our poor readers high and dry in Niger wondering what became of our intrepid team. It is said that if you want something done give it to a busy man....