The Bedford Rascal is a microvan of the Bedford brand, based on an existing Japanese Suzuki vehicle, the Suzuki Carry. It was sold as the Vauxhall Rascal after 1990, and as the Holden Scurry in Australia. The van was produced (along with its Suzuki twin for the European market), at the IBC Vehicles plant in Luton, adjacent to Vauxhall's main factory.
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How anybody could attempt to drive to the end of the road, let alone Africa, in a van that is highly combustible and probably couldn't even carry one adult up a lightly inclined road is beyond me. Us idiots that's who so you don't have to!

The following two mid engine sports vans are going to push past the pain barrier and carry us intrepid adventurers to our ultimate destination in Cameroon. So much faith have we in these trusty vans that we've covered the rust in fur, changed a couple of gaskets, cleaned the dashboards, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Carry us faithful Rascal van!

Now Politically Named
Slightly more than Jen, the now politically named van is a pure bred Vauxhall Rascal! Doesn't help, the van still overheats is rusted to within an inch of its life and doesn't look like its going to make it round the block let alone to the centre of Africa.

Having made it from the darklands of Stoke the politically named van has endured much strife to be with us today. Two Ebay auctions, a long journey at forty miles an hour, a strip, a thirty mile journey, a lot of smoke and a ride on the back of an AA truck the van is still going strong, although with a very blown head gasket.

The original £21.01 van! The much loved van has now had its engine stripped twice; the first time to teach Craig what an engine looked like. He thought it was some clean sparkly thing, little did he know.

For many a weekend Ian has had his hands inside Jen to try and figure out why she just doesn't work. Hopefully she is now close to shaking herself into life. Keep checking the latest news maybe this will be the first van to break the 20 mile endurance barrier!

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Posted : 14/08/2008

Many days have passed since the Fur Balls left Africa and attentions are now very much on a certain forthcoming adventure. However this blog has left our poor readers high and dry in Niger wondering what became of our intrepid team. It is said that if you want something done give it to a busy man....