Final Preparations - 29/03/2012

With but days to go until the Furballers make the long journey to India, there's been a plethora of activity from all the team. Charlie rang Dickie; Dickie hung up, Katy Pants put a message on Facerape; still awaiting a responce and apparently one of the Furballers even managed to raise £3 for charity by doing a sponsored silence.

Suffice to say that so far this has been the least prepared that Great Balls of Fur have been for what lies ahead. Is the work/life balance out of kilter? Are the Furballers at last beginning to grow up? There can be only one reason for the general malaise... "other halves".

Yes, this year sees for the first time significant others not just being part of the beautiful scenery, but now being actively involved in DECISION MAKING!! Hence no actual decisions have been made

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Posted : 21/04/2012

Falakata: One thing Paddy did miss out of his blog was the way in which the fur ballers were informed of Na’s collapse; a young lad with very good English poked his head around the corner and announced ‘Sir, I think your friend is in an extreme situation!’ This was pure comedy on looking back, alt...