Please follow the links here to see the charities that we are hoping to raise money for. By following the links you can see that although this trip is stupid, irresponsible and possibly going to lead to our deaths it is all in a good cause.
FRANK Water Projects
FRANK Water Projects funds world wide clean water projects. FRANK has so far funded the installation of 4 projects in Andhra Pradesh, India. An additional 4 more projects in this area are currently under development- benefitting 48,000 people to date.

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Posted : 21/04/2012

Falakata: One thing Paddy did miss out of his blog was the way in which the fur ballers were informed of Na’s collapse; a young lad with very good English poked his head around the corner and announced ‘Sir, I think your friend is in an extreme situation!’ This was pure comedy on looking back, alt...