Unfortunately we have no Tony Hart music for you but what we do have is photographic evidence of our Idiocy. We hope you enjoy this documentary of foolishness. View, laugh, comment, abuse. xxx
Home Time
After one short night of celebrations, well apparently it was long but we can't rememeber, it's time to go home!
Finish Line
At last we make it to the finish, then get really drunk and make tits of ourselves.
Paraguay Driving Missions
An epic 600km journey across Paraguay.
Another Border Town And Into Paraguay
A night camping at a very small border town with lots of truckers and a camp fire. Into Paraguay.
Epic, Err Sitting on Truck
Lots of sitting on a truck. Not fun.
Onto the Truck
Running out of time we had to resort to throwing money at the problem. $1200 later and a truck was secured for the 28 hour journey.
Mining Colony and Lots of Pushing
A random night in a mining colonies social centre and the mighty epic mission to push a clutchless Mototaxi out of the mountains.
Beating the Blockade And Into The Hills
Past the blockage after a dose of good British charm and off into the Andes.
Salt Hotel
A bit of civilisation was just the ticket.
The Salt Lake
Breathtaking, wow, amazing. Just some of the words that describe this miraculous place.
Meteor Craters And Before The Salt Lake
Some amazing scenary and crossing a lake or two.
Breakdowns Breakdowns and a Little Driving
These things just don't work, honestly.
Into Bolivia
Across the border at last then finding ourselves overlooking La Pas. What an amazing sight.
Peru Border
Three days sat waiting for stampedy stamp brought a lot of fun and a lot of boredom.
Hotels and Breakdowns Chucuito
Lots of driving and even more breakdowns.
First Day Driving
The first uneventful day of driving, only a couple of close shaves, lots of beeping and a roll
Training Day
The start of the rally in San Jeronimo.
Furring and Start Party
Machu Picchu
Where the adventure begins!
Guinea Pig
It was wrong!
The Mototaxi
These are an example of the mighty steed that we are using on our travels.

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Posted : 17/08/2010

The final day. Cleaned up but seriously hungover, we struggled through breakfast and began the journey home. The taxis were dropped off at the compound guarded by a guy with a pump action shotgun and particularly massive dog and the remaining furballs headed off on their separate routes back to the ...