The Mototaxi

What can we tell you about this mighty steed? Do you remember those little polystyrene toy aeroplanes? Imagine trying to fly 300 people around the world in one of those, through a storm, blindfolded, twice. That might begin to suggest just how inadequate this vehicle is for the task we are about to attempt. So far, the best information we have on these 3-wheeled chariots is that they were never intended to leave the comfort of a slow-moving city centre, they break down frequently and mysteriously and they have a nasty habit of pulling to the left - always a crowd pleaser when tying not to drive off a cliff.
The Mototaxi

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Posted : 17/08/2010

The final day. Cleaned up but seriously hungover, we struggled through breakfast and began the journey home. The taxis were dropped off at the compound guarded by a guy with a pump action shotgun and particularly massive dog and the remaining furballs headed off on their separate routes back to the ...