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What is this, I hear you ask. Great Balls of Fur? I thought that those lovable idiots, who confused stupidity and recklessness with adventure, were disbanded last summer following a semi successful sandy, dusty road trip to Cameroon?

Well like the habitual smack user, one hit is never enough. We're back: bigger, furrier, louder, stronger, not to mention more legendary than ever. This time the team will attempt the Mongol Rally, in a fashion never before attempted by man, driving 10,000 miles across forest, hill, jungle, mountain, desert and marshland to the final destination of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

But the Mongol Rally has been ongoing for several years. Many have gone before us Ballers and succeeded. What on earth possibly gives us self acclaimed legendary status? Well dear reader, it is because our mini adventure involves a vehicle that is not so, err, mini!

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you (well at least in electronic form) the 26 year old 1983 Dennis Fire Engine, with a few modifications.

It is most certainly the most impractical vehicle with TV, Playstation, flashing lights, gin bar, smoke machine, 3x fireman's helmets not to mention the fully functional blue emergency lights and siren. The 10.5 litre engine alone will ensure that the global polar bear population sinks to an all time low. The sheer weight will put pay to vast tracts of the Tajiki road system.

It is of course in the name of charity, as well as gallivanting, so start digging deep into your pockets and rifling through your Grandma's purse whilst she sleeps...

...because by the time we leave on July 18th. We are wanting to have raised some serious cash.

Nee-Naw for now.

Great Balls of Fur

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