The Route

Sadly, Google Maps cannot calculate a route from Goodwood to Ulaanbataar. Consequently, we have had to do some good old fashioned map work and work out which way we are going to go. It's very difficult I can tell you; not only does it not all fit on one page of the Collins Modern School Atlas, put you have to pleasure all of the Fur Balls at the same time. Trust me, it's exhausting.

So from Goodwood we plan to take the A285 towards Petworth, but unforunately as it's a Saturday we can only turn right, so we may have to go via Southampton. Anyway somehow we'll get up to the M25 and thence on the M20 to Dover.




Czech Republic - for the Party in Prague

Poland - to go and do some plumbing

Ukraine - into the Crimea and then catch a ferry

Russia - to ascend Mt Elbrus (the highest peak in Europe) and descend by skiing. Then a ferry across the Black Sea.

Then after that it all gets a bit hazy as we are no longer on the Collins Road Atlas of Europe and the school atlas we are using still has all the subsequent countries as part of the USSR. Certainly we will go somewhere ending with stan and my neighbours second cousin's ex-wife said that Afghanistan was lovely in the summer, or was that the country with a war going on?

Anyway we think the route will look something like the map below with maybe a slightly less straight line and a few diversions along the way and at some point we will reach Mongolia - to include a little of the Gobi Desert

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