The Dennis RS series is a fire engine built by Dennis, it was produced from 1978 until early 1990s. Its new all-steel cab, designed by Ogle of London, replaced the older fibreglass & wood construction of the previous appliances it succeeded, such as the Dennis D and Dennis R.

The first of the Dennis RS fire appliances were fitted with Perkins V8 diesel engines, either the V8-540 (8.8 litre) or the V8-640 (10.6 litre), with or without turbochargers. Our Dennis is the 10.6 litre variant. The all-welded steel cab provided the maximum protection possible to the crew, and had an edge over other commercial trucks, as the RS was a purpose built fire appliance and was not used for any other application.

The Dennis RS could be fitted with a variety of bodies by Dennis/JDC, Carmichael, Fulton Wylie, etc.

Even though the cab design of the RS dates from 1978, they are seen to this day in fire brigades all over the world, with many still in front-line use to this day. In the later years the RS and SS series appliances were dogged with door corrosion, aptly known as "Dennis Disease" as almost every single RS appliance suffered from rotten cab doors at some stage in their lives. Hmmm at 26 years of age we may come to curse Dennis Disease.
The Fire Engine to be Known as "Dennis"

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